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"I am new to "Western Dressage"

"Where to Begin"?

I am "NEW" to Western Dressage and I would like to learn what it is, how do I learn?  

I do not have a clue how to ride a "Western Dressage Test" how can I learn?

I think that my horse and I are not "ready yet" can you recommend someone to help me?  

What are the common Goals?

  • To bring the time tested concepts of dressage to the western horse and rider.

  • Through the use of all the riders aids, we develop a horse that is moving forward, in a soft manner, able to carry himself with the development of musculature, and without resistance.
  • The development of true gaits.
  • Dressage focuses on the partnership between horse and rider,  both working together to achieve success. 
  • It is a progressive dance, and learning the steps is as enjoyable as the final result.   
  • Western Dressage embraces all that we love about our western horses, their gaits, confidence and train-ability.
  • We add to this the partnership, control and beauty of dressage and we have the perfect result.  "Western Dressage".  
  • Western Dressage can be done by every horse regardless of breed, color, sex, size, talent, or level of training.
  • It requires no special equipment or a lot of money. 

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